Pokemon Go Will Gain 80 New Pokemon From Johto Region
Pokemon Go - Johto Update

Niantic Labs announced that Pokemon Go will be updated at the end of the week with 80 new Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. The update will add the second generation Pokemon from the Johto region to the mobile app.

The update was posted up over on the official Pokemon Go website, where they announced that not only will new Pokemon be added to the game, but new Pokemon gender options will be available, along with new evolutions for some Pokemon who can go from a Kanto region Pokemon to a Johto region Pokemon.

They don’t detail the process of the evolution, but Techraptor questioned if this will change the way certain Pokemon in the game can evolve.

Niantic Labs also unveiled a new trailer to showcase the Pokemon they’ve added to Pokemon Go, which you can check out below.

The new Pokemon will be spread across the real world, giving gamers an opportunity to find new Pokemon, increase their stash, update their roster and pick up some rare pocket monsters.

I thought that Pokemon Go was going to be a fad that faded away within a few month’s time but it appears to still be going strong.

In addition to the Pokemon, evolutions and new ways to find them, Niantic also revealed that the player-character wardrobe options will be greatly improved, and gamers will be able to outfit their character with more clothing options.

Some new berries have also been tossed into the game, creating more opportunities for people to pick up the items as they pass by PokeStops. The one Nanab Berry will slow down a Pokemon to make it easier to catch, while the Pinap Berry will double the amount of candy you get from your next catch… if it succeeds.

The update for Pokemon Go will go live later this week.


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