Punch Planet Latest Update Showcases New Combos And Stage

Last year we covered a 3D game set in a 2D side-scroll fighting realm named Punch Planet by Sector-K Games. The Steam Greenlight game has been officially Greenlit and has received a recent update showing combos, the character Cid and her spaceship The Sugar Daddy.

Treading through Steam Greenlight with ease, the game is still in development and currently seeks to implement new stuff along the way. In the meantime while we all wait for new characters and stuff, the devs announced that they will be doing digital web comics and animated cutscenes for the game in between the story mode.

The digital web comic will be free of charge and will be released in chapters leading up to the launch of Punch Planet. Looking over to the story mode, it will include animated cutscenes of the digital web comic chapters, and will feature segments of other modes (like Arcade and Survival Style challenges) as you play as Roy through the main story arc.

While supporters of the game have to wait as of this moment, Sector-K Games recently released a new video and even answered some questions here and there. According to the devs there will be 10 colors for each costume in the game per character, which more outfits are likely to come later down the line.

The video clip that is up on Punch Planet‘s official YouTube channel reveals the character Cid move set and her stage The Sugar Daddy. If you are curious as to how Cid fights and how the new stage looks, the video sits below for you to look over.

To be a product of Steam Greenlight and to be indie the overall project is coming along quite nicely. I’m sure that more characters will join the existing four playable characters (or five including the guard) as development shapes up.

If you want more information on Punch Planet and its current progress you can hit up punchplanet.com.


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