Quote, Action RPG Now Available On Steam Early Access

A story-driven game by Vindit, better known as Quote, tells a twisted tale about getting rid of all knowledge and finding the purest state of ignorance by burning books. This interesting new game is now available to play on Steam Early Access. The RPG sprinkles action-adventure elements in with hand-drawn characters in a beat ’em up setting.

If you are looking for a strange game that’s pretty weird in story telling and character concept, I think you’ll be in for a surprise with Quote. The game is an action-adventure title at heart, but mixes RPG elements to add a source of progression for players to work towards.

The story in Quote follows a chief inquisitor of Bliss sent to eradicate all wisdom, science and culture. During the deadly purge committed by the chief inquisitor of Bliss (the player), other forces will try to resist the purge and must be taken down.

Through “explosive combat” the age of blissful ignorance can be achieved, but only through proper use of beating wicked thoughts from your counterparts’ minds. In other words, knowing when to pick your fights and handling foes accordingly so that you don’t die in the process of wiping all knowledge.

Below lies the description for Quote, which details a snippet of the overall game’s concept and story.

“A twisted, hand-drawn action RPG set in a fantastical world of absolute ignorance.”


“Hunt down those who would impose the tyranny of knowledge upon the world. Destroy their works. Bludgeon the very thoughts from their wicked heads with a wide array of explosive combat powers.”

A new launch trailer is present and comes in by Vindit Co. Like the previous trailer released for the game, it too covers the basics that includes story, gameplay and so on. You can check out the new video trailer below.

Quote has a special 15% off deal going on right now that drops its price down from $14.99 to $12.74 until February 7th over on Steam. The game currently holds a rating of “Mixed” as of this writing, with additional details regarding the game sitting over on quote-game.com.


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