Rainbow Six Siege Dev Diary Details Year 2 And Polishing Old Content

Are you the type that likes to get ahead  of the throng and know some things before content drops for a popular game? Well, strap in because Ubisoft has a new dev diary taking a peek at what new things and changes will be coming to the competitive FPS game, Rainbow Six Siege, for Year 2. The game is currently out right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege include matchmaking, loot boxes, new operators, revisits to older characters, competitive changes, and a change up to the main menu UI. This means that folks who are looking for something different will walk into something fresh with new players alike.

Although some gamers are afraid of these changes and think that not much will change, the truth behind the update is that we don’t know entirely how the game will turn out when the latest update hits.

In addition to the things that gamers don’t like is the loot boxes. But, before getting your panties all soaked, bunched-up and twisted, the devs will bring all loot crates or boxes in the game for free and will be rewarded to players who play the game longer and longer. In other words, if you have stuck around since the beginning it’s likely that you will be getting more loot packs that only change cosmetic features within the game. So, essentially, players are being rewarded free stuff just by playing, and if you are a vet your chances will increase.

If you want to see the video in full and what changes will come later down the line you can watch the second dev dairy to learn more, which comes in by Ubisoft US channel.

Following the above video is the Velvet Shell’s new Spanish Operators and the new weapons to follow the update, which can be seen below.

Rainbow Six Siege is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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