Romans Finally Invade Tiger Knight Empire War With Update 0.1.73

I guess it’s that time of the year for massive updates because Tiger Knight: Empire War has just released a major content update that brings the Roman Empire to the battlefield.

Developers NetDragon Websoft and Publisher Oasis Games have been talking about bringing the Roman Empire for quite some time now, but after a small bump in the road they held the new content update off and delayed it for a few days as they fixed a few more bugs. Although the Romans were planned to be released in February, and they did in fact, keep that promise, there were still quite a few fans that were inpatient and asking when the new units would come to Tiger Knight: Empire War. Well now, the wait is over, and the Romans are here to stay!

Seeing how the game first launched back on October 24, 2016, I think they are doing rather well with keeping on schedule and releasing regular updates.

The new 0.1.73 Roman update will, of course, include the Roman Heavy Infantry, armed with short swords, Large shields, and the heavy Javelin. The Heavy Javelin will also have the function to either use it as a melee weapon or press X to switch to long range mode to throw it at your enemy for long range damage.

The Roman soldiers also come with new skills and abilities, such as the Charging throw, Hurl And Strike, the Testudo turtle formation, The Wedge formation, and the Orb formation just to name a few. Additionally, there will be three new Roman Adjutants that will join the fight, each with their own skills and abilities to help lead your troops into battle.

Tiger Knight: Empire War will also be bringing Four new maps to the game, such as the Gallic Oppidum and Oasis maps for Conquest mode, the Luoyang Epic War map, as well as the Xiapi Siege mode map. In total, that is four new maps now available for you to play in Tiger Knight: Empire War.

Furthermore, the Wei faction will finally get their cavalry unit, new Cash shop soldiers will also be available for purchase as “Special units”, and there are additional new skills that are coming for the other factions as well. Just to name a few of the new skills, there is Recovery, a skill used to heal your units; Following Collision, a skill used to charge into battle; and Arrow defense shields which is used to raise your shields to protect from raining arrow-fire, plus much more.

Last and certainly not least, some major changes are coming to the UI and the basic rules for how the entire game works, such as new battlefield rules for choosing your soldiers and coordinating with your team, new matchmaking rules, a new system for how soldiers gain EXP, as well as a huge adjustment to the skills for all previous units to balance the game.

To quickly run down how the new EXP system works, here is what the developers had to say in the quote below:

We have transformed all extra soldier exp into primary, middle and high levels, so after this update you will see the changed exp.
For example:
A player owns Wei T1 unit which has 200 exp, Wei T2 unit of 300 exp, Wei T3 unit of 400 exp, T4 unit of 200 exp, then the primary battle field exp of this player after update is 200+300+400+200=1100 exp.
The primary battlefield exp of Wei can be freely distributed into different Wei units, adding freedom for players to cultivate units. This also applies to the battlefield of middle and high levels.

That sounds awesome. Me Gusta!

The Romans are now officially in the game and ready to play, but there is a lot more that came with this update as well, so if you are interested in reading the full list of new content, head on over to their official Steam Tiger Knight: Empire War page to read all the details for the new content.


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