RUIn Gaming Lets Gamers Schedule Meet-Ups And Discovery New Communities

Even though online gaming has grown leaps and bounds over the last 20 years, it hasn’t really become more sociable. A lot of times people are segregated by genre, demarcated by platform exclusivity, and cordoned off by designation of skill. Simply finding people to play games with is a game all its own. Well, what if there was a way to find like-minded people to play with regardless of all the other socially restrictive labels that a lot of other games and platforms use? Enter RUIn Gaming.

RUIn is an abbreviation for “Are you in gaming?” and the concept of the social service is to work like an LFG hub and a digital meet-up for gamers no matter the platform or the location. The app is free for iOS and Android devices, giving gamers an opportunity to hook up with other gamers and discuss games, form parties, make groups and even schedule multiplayer sessions.

The app allows you to designate if you’re on Xbox Live, Steam, PSN or all three. You can setup your profile, add the games to your library and then create a room and schedule a play date. Additionally you can setup the times of availability when you’re free to join multiplayer games, as well as add contact details to your profile so you can receive notifications on when a game has opened up or when you might want to hop into one of your favorite titles.

It’s a little bit like micromanaging the time in your life for leisure activities, but it’s also a cool way to find new people to play with, new groups to join or even new games to play.

If you already have friends you can add them to your friends list or you can join a group network and schedule play-times that best suit your needs.

It appears to be a neat little app designed for people who want something minimalist and lo-fi in order to keep track of friends across multiple online gaming services as well as partake in quality of life discovery features that seems to be lacking in a lot of other services.

You can sign-up right now for RUIn Gaming by visiting the official website.

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