Serial Cleaner, Crime Scene Cleaning Sim Arrives This Summer For PS4, Xbox One
Serial Cleaner

Visceral Cleanup Detail is one of those games that managed to completely subvert the first-person genre by putting players in the role of a space janitor having to clean-up the messes left behind various famous FPS heroes. The game was a riot given that it was gross, it was engaging, it was highly replayable and yet it wasn’t violent. Well, sticking with the theme of cleaning up dead bodies and gore, Curve Digital Games has a new title set to arrive this summer for the Xbox One and PS4 in the form of the isometric stealth clean-up game, Serial Cleaner.

The studio released a new trailer for the home console rendition of the game, where players will attempt to clean up behind a serial killer using a variety of means to hide bloodstains, get rid of weapons and dispose of bodies without being seen.

You can check out the trailer for the home console version of Serial Cleaner below.

It’s a stealth game that’s about cleaning up.

The odd mixture of isometric item collecting and avoiding being spotted by the NPCs gives the game a unique flavor of gameplay unlike a lot of other titles out there. One of the other neat things is that the game uses real-world data to modify the levels, including the time of day, which is something that will affect visibility and how hard it will be to avoid being detected by guards, police or patrolmen.

Curve Digital has currently been refining the gameplay for Serial Cleaner in Early Access on Steam. They plan on graduating from Early Access this summer with the release on Xbox One and PS4. PC gamers will also be able to experience the full thing.

You can learn more about Curve Digital and iFun4All’s isometric stealth title by visiting the official website.


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