SimAirport: Airport Tycoon-style Simulator Is Now On Greenlight

SimAirport is a business management simulator where you must build your own airport while tending to your customer’s needs to create your own successful business.

Indie developers IV Game Devs say that you will have control over building everything within your airport and around your airport, ranging from ticket booths, terminals, food courts, sitting areas, roads and landing strips, trees and even bathrooms. You will need to entice customers to get them to come in and try your best to get a good track record to keep business booming.

Based on the gameplay trailer, the crafting and building system for SimAirport is easy to follow and has a great setup, and you can see that there is a wide variety of content that you can build which gives you quite a bit of control over how your Airport is designed and how it functions. There is even a part where they show the ticket booth area, and they mark the Ticket booths using a Zone highlighting tool to designate it as the ticket area. This means that instead of putting down a preset module and dropping it down, you can build it any way you want and then highlight that area to mark it as ticketing.

The graphics and art style is in 2D, with cute little sprite characters that move around the airport terminal. I did notice though that the characters have no feet and they don’t actually have any real moving animations but oddly enough, I think it all works and looks great. I see the game and it actually looks complete, nothing looks out of place and all the assets blend together quite nicely, so I think fans of Tycoon-style business simulators will appreciate the detail put into SimAirport. Take a look at the below trailer to see how SimAirport actually works in-game.

That trailer music is also pretty addicting if you listen to it a lot, but this makes me wonder if SimAirport will have Chiptune style music in the actual game, or if the music was designed specifically for the trailer?

SimAirport is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2017, but as soon as it is Greenlit it will go straight into Early Access so that they can receive feedback on what they should fix or what they should add. If you are interested in supporting them, you can learn more about SimAirport by visiting their Steam Greenlight Page.

For additional details and information, you can also visit the official SimAirport website.

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