Skara: The Blade Remains Update 0.7.2 Fixes Matchmaking, Animations
Skara The Blade Remains

Barcelona-based indie developers 8-Bit Studios announced that some new content has arrived for their hack-and-slash, hack-’em-up multiplayer game, Skara: The Blade Remains. The free-to-play title was recently updated with patch 0.7.2.

The patch arrived after the recent Cataclysm multiplayer event. Cesar, executive producer and CFO of 8-Bit Studios, explained in the press release…

“Players loved the three day event with some of them spending over 50 hours competing for the top places. As promised, we are now featuring the best players in Skara Lore, a unique approach to community building that players find very rewarding”

What he mentions about Skara’s lore is true. The game’s lore will continue to be updated based on events that players partake in, as described in the lore section of the game’s Wiki page.

The press release also followed up the tidbit about the Wiki update with a gameplay trailer highlighting some of the improvements in 0.7.2. You can check that out below.

More specifically, the Steam community page has a changelog of all the things they’re updated in 0.7.2. They’ve improved matchmaking to help the right kinds of players find and fight the right kinds of opponents. They’ve fixed some bugs in the social and party features, along with squashing some bugs that caused the game to crash when entering certain arenas.

They fixed up the tutorials with better visuals, modified the animations for the Kharn and Celea so they look better in the actual game, as well as fixed some collision detection and some localization issues. They also took some time to reskin the character selection screen to give it a slightly more visually aesthetic makeover.

Skara: The Blade Remains is available right now in Early Access over on the Steam store and is currently free-to-play. The user reviews are still quite mixed at the moment, so you may want to keep your eye on this game to see what the improvements look like over the next several weeks before diving in and committing any great deal of time to it.


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