Sniper Elite 4 Launch Trailer Channels Some Jason Statham Antics

Rebellion released the official launch trailer for Sniper Elite 4, which is due to drop on February 14th. The trailer highlights the various options and tactics that players can utilize in the game as a way to complete missions, and it starts stealthy and ends in a way that’s reminiscent to something you would see from a Jason Statham flick.

The trailer begins by showing the main protagonist Karl Fairburne behind enemy lines in Italy. The trailer describes how players can use stealth tactics – this leads to Karl gutting a man like a fresh pig going to the slaughter. The trailer also describes how preemptive traps can be laid, and how long-range sniping can be utilized to mark escapes. This eventually ends up with Karl blowing up an outpost and then making a daring escape while a tank blows up the building he was in. Check it out below.

The shot where he dives out of the building while it blows up behind him is classic 1980’s action fanfare.

Accompanying the trailer is also news about the Season Pass for the game. I’m no fan of DLC, but Rebellion wanted gamers to know what they’re getting in the package. This includes access to 12 post-launch content packs that includes four full campaign missions that also support the two-player cooperative mode.

There will be a camouflage rifle skin pack, three expansion packs containing three new weapons, eight new weapon skins, and two new playable characters, along with an additional weapon and character pack featuring three extra characters for use in the co-op mode and multiplayer, along with three additional weapon packs.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass for $34.99, separate from the launch of the game itself. Alternatively you can purchase all of the post-launch DLC individually.


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