Starship Assassin Set To Enter Open Beta March 3rd

There’s an indie game called Starship Assassin. The tiny 3D PvP deathmatch game is set to enter into open beta testing starting March 3rd. The game features six playable characters at the moment, some of which look like they come from other games, such as Zero Suit Samus or Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

The press release indicates that after some brief testing periods carried out with select YouTubers, developers Blackcloud are now aiming to put their title into open beta starting March 3rd.

The beta will last for an entire month as they gather feedback and data on playing habits and trends from gamers.

A gameplay compilation video was released showcasing some of what’s complete for the game.

The concept of the game centers around two teams fighting to destroy the opposing team’s AI core. This requires a bit of cunning and a bit of stealth to overcome the opposing side and take down their core.

Players will have two main weapons at their disposal: a projectile attack and a laser sword.

In addition to those basic forms of offensive attacks, players will also have special skills that they can utilize from each of the six heroes in order to takedown opponents.

To be honest the animations still need a lot of work. They’re extremely rough around the edges and it’s difficult sometimes trying to tell when a character is swinging the laser sword and when they’re getting hit. There definitely needs to be more distinction between the way strikes are carried out and the animations that play for the hit detection.

It’s also difficult to understand how the projectiles are being fired. The characters may have a gun in their hand but they don’t readily fire the weapon with a distinct animation to give you an indication that the weapon is being fired.

On the upside, though, the game does have large multiplayer arenas to scour, the ability to triple jump and dash across large open spaces and it does appear to attempt to rekindle the PvP from old-school online competitive games like the Jedi Knight series.

For more information on the open beta you can visit the official Starship Assassin website.


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