Super Robot Wars V Now Playable On PS4 And PS Vita

All mecha fans around the world will finally be able to play one of the latest mecha collaborative games right now, Super Robot Wars V. Bandai Namco and B.B. Studio released the mecha strategy game for PS4 and PS Vita in Japan and Asia.

You know me, I can’t help but notice all things mecha… unless a title stealthily slips passed me. But in this case catching the announcement that Bandai Namco and B.B. Studio recently made regarding Super Robot Wars V reveals that fans all over Asia will be able to play the game on their PS4 or PS Vita (and America if you choose to import the game).

The game launched in Japan and Asia (with English subs) and is currently available for folks to play right now.

The official trailer showing the game over on is up for you to see below.

Super Robot Wars V features a new system entitled Extra Action. This feature is a new parameter that allows players to build up ExC by meeting certain conditions in a mission. You can use the ExC to activate a special Extra Command that adds more range to your moves, and doubles over as Boost Dash, Dire Attack and Smash Hit.

Speaking of new stuff, the battleship command named Extra Order uses ExC to belt out a special AoE for teammates. This AoE move executes specials like Emergency, Recovery, Focus Up and so on.

Those who aren’t aware, the addition of Nine will be present in the game, who is closely tied with the System 99 OS of the VangRay prototype anti-alien mobile weapon. The Gothic-steampunk character helps and works alongside characters Chitose and Soji.

You can check out images of Nine below, which the second image comes from publication site

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the RPG mecha simulator, it’s worth noting that now is the time to act seeing that the game is out for PS4 and PS Vita.

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