The Metronomicon, Music Rhythm RPG Coming To PS4, Xbox One

The Metronomicon

Akupara Games and Puuba Publishing announced that the music-rhythm, party-based, role-playing game, The Metronomicon, will be made available on the PS4 and Xbox One at some point in 2017.

The game’s launch on home consoles arrives after The Metronomicon first became available on Steam back in late September of 2016. The game saw players attempting to save the land by putting together a party and playing through music-rhythm battles by keeping on beat with the game’s eclectic soundtrack.

Akupara Games co-founder David Logan quickly summed up both the game and its trip to home consoles, saying…

“As an RPG with a laugh-out-loud story, strategic combat system, rhythm game control scheme and a rocking soundtrack, The Metronomicon is a game like none other,” […] “We can’t wait to share this epic adventure with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One community.”

You can check out the gameplay trailer below that gives you an idea of how the battles play out and what the crazy music scenarios are like.

The game sports a full-on story mode, a free-play mode where you can just play around and check out the music and combat, an arena mode where you battle through progressively harder foes, and side-quests to complete in case you get bored with all the other saving-the-world crap.

Now a real cool highlight of The Metronomicon is that they took time out to implement a local cooperative mode. So you can join up with some buds and play through the game at your own leisure, having fun strategically taking down baddies while listening to some cool music.

I love the visual themes and the completely different take on the combat system with the game because it’s the sort of evolution on gaming that I wish we saw more of in the mainstream sector.

Anyway, they don’t offer a concrete release date on The Metronomicon for the Xbox One and PS4, but it is coming at some point in 2017. It would also be awesome if they made the game available for the Nintendo Switch.

(Main image courtesy of Crypt Warden)

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