The Surge Gameplay Video Explains New Vertical, Horizontal Combat System
The Surge - Combat Walkthrough

Deck13 Games released a new video walkthrough for their upcoming third-person action game, The Surge. The video highlights the gameplay mechanics and combat in The Surge.

One of the things they mention is that combat isn’t just about light and heavy attacks. The combat in The Surge is centered around vertical and horizontal combat. The reason for this is because the idea in the game is to target certain body parts. Armored parts will be able to withstand attacks, but unarmored parts of an enemy can easily be damaged and eventually severed if enough battle energy is built up.

YouTuber RabidRetroSpectGames posted up a 14 minute clip of The Surge. You can check out the 14 minute video below.

They further move through the facility, fighting off other enemies and collecting gear. Every enemy you defeat in the game you can pick up and acquire their gear, this includes their weapon, items and armor.

Players can use the items they acquire to craft new gear for their character. They demonstrate how the looting system works where he rips off the arm of an enemy, acquires the weapon and equips it.

They reveal in the demo that every weapon will have a finishing maneuver that players can use.

Special implants can also be acquired in order to upgrade the character, adding new abilities that can increase passive stats or other active abilities.

In the video it’s also explained that the Metroidvania-style level designs force players to move around and explore the map to a great extent, as well as backtrack and head back to areas to discover hidden areas or unlock secrets.

The body targeting is pretty cool, but it’s also a little disappointing that there doesn’t appear to be a parry-counter or a block mechanic. Maybe it’s something you unlock later?

Anyway, The Surge is due for release on PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One this May.

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