The Wild Eight: How To Hunt Deer And Fend Off Wolves

One of the popular new games currently making the rounds in Early Access is the crowd-funded survival game from Eight-Points called The Wild Eight. For gamers who have completed the tutorial but still need a bit of help with the basics surrounding hunting and fending yourself off from wolves, there are some basic hints and tips that you can apply to help you survive the harsh Alaskan winter.

So first up, as you’re attempting to make your way through the snowy forests, you’ll eventually encounter hostiles, such as hungry wolves. The Shrink Gamer offers a quick video tutorial to show you how to fight off the wolves and get yourself a little bit of space while you gather resources and hunt for food.

So basically make sure that you have campfires spread around the areas where you’re attempting to scavenge. You can use the torch to quickly light them and use them as a source of both heat and as a way to keep the wolves away. If they see your campfire/bonfire they will keep their distance. If you travel too far away and all you have is the torch, the wolves will inch closer and then proceed to attack you. You can gain mobility points by fleeing from the wolves and heading back to the bonfire for protection. You can rinse and repeat this method until the wolf eventually gets tired and leaves you alone.

Another important facet of survival is hunting for food. In another video guide The Shrink Gamer shows you how you can acquire deer meat early on in The Wild Eight without much difficulty. Check it out below.

One of the things you can do is throw a rock at the deer as it attempts to flee. The rock will stun the deer briefly, enabling you to use an axe or other tool to attack the deer and chip away at its life.

The deer will take off running after a few hits, so have the rock ready to throw it when you’re within a few feet of the deer. This will stun the deer again and allow you to continue to wail away at it with a melee weapon.

The deer will drop raw meat. Simply take the raw meat and drag it on top of a campfire to heat it up and turn it into cooked meat. You can then eat the cooked meat to basically restore your hunger to full.

The Wild Eight is available right now in Early Access over on the Steam store for $19.99. According to the developers, they plan on sticking with Early Access for around the next three or four months, at which point the full game should be ready for release.

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