Tiger Knight Empire War Guide: How To Get Free Gold

Want about 3,500 Cash shop gold for free? In this Tiger Knight: Empire War guide I will teach you how to get Free cash shop gold using the Honor Point system, without having to spend a single penny!

This guide is completely legal, lawful and legit, so no cheats or exploits here. Honor Points is the system that Tiger Knight: Empire War uses for Achievement rewards. Every time you complete an Achievement you are given a badge, that badge gives you Honor Points, and you can then exchange the Honor points for rewards, which gives you free gold. You can cash in Honor points from the Career, then Achievements menu.


I will try to list the Achievements in order of easiest to hardest. You will also be given quite a bit of Copper, as well as free items to help you in battle, but in this guide, we’re not hunting for Copper or items, we’re going for Gold!

Below is a basic overview chart for Honor Points and how much gold each tier gives out-

Basic Honor Point Reward Chart

Chopping Training proficiency = 100 gold

Blocking Training proficiency = 100 gold

Archery Training proficiency = 100 gold

Horsmanship Training proficiency = 100 gold

100 honor = 100 gold

200 honor = 200 gold

400 honor = 400 gold

800 honor = 600 gold

1300 honor = 800 gold

2000 honor = 1000 gold

How To Earn Honor Points

You can complete these missions through PVP mode. Both Duel Mode and Command Mode will count. NPC Bot General kills also count as a valid General kill, as well as Adjutant kills. Honor points also stack with previously earned Honor points.

1. Spear Master I: Kill 10 enemy generals with a spear. + 10 Honor points.

Pike Master I: Kill 10 enemy generals with Pike. + 10 Honor points.

Sword Talent I: Kill 5 Generals with 1-handed sword. + 10 Honor points.

Sword Master I: Kill 10 enemy generals with 2-handed sword. + 10 Honor points.

Archery Master I: Kill 10 generals with Bow and Arrow. + 10 Honor points.

Crossbow Master I: Kill 10 generals with Crossbow. + 10 Honor points.

Axe Talent I: Kill 10 generals with Axe. + 10 Honor points.

Skilled: Complete all of the training missions. + 10 Honor points.

Elite Unit 1:  Train a tier 3 unit and buy all upgrades, turning it into a Gold unit. + 10 Honor points.

Fighter: Reach level 20. + 10 Honor points.

Total = 100 Honor points (plus you complete all training missions) = 500 gold.


2. Shield Master II:  Block 100 enemy attacks. +30 Honor points.

Sword Talent II: Kill 50 enemy generals with 1-handed Sword. +30 Honor points

Jade Reaper II: Kill 50 enemy generals with 1-handed Blade. +30 Honor points.

Axe Master II: Kill 100 enemy generals with 2-handed Axe. +30 Honor points.

Blade Master II: Kill 100 enemy generals with 2-handed Blade. +30 Honor points.

Sword Master II: Kill 100 enemy generals with 2-handed Sword. +30 Honor points.

Spear Master II: Kill 100 enemy generals with Spear. +30 Honor points.

Pike Master II: Kill 100 enemy generals with Pike. +30 Honor points.

Perfect Hero II: Complete 100 Daily missions. +30 Honor points.

Archery Master II: Kill 100 enemy generals with Bow and Arrow. +30 Honor points.

Total = 400 Honor points = 1,100 gold.


3. Bloody fight (Repeatable): Take more damage than your max HP (constantly take damage and heal yourself to survive. I completed this one 8 times for 40 points). + 5 honor points.

Recruitment Talent I: Recruit a Level 4 Adjutant or higher. +30 Honor points.

Loyalty Cultivation I: Train your Adjutant to have 75 Loyalty (They gain Loyalty like EXP and Lvls). +30 honor points.

Horse Reaper II: Buy 5 horses.  (You get a free horse at level 5 from Growth mission. Do T1-3 Shu Calvery, then switch to T1-3 Wei Calvery). +30 Honor points.

Headshot I: Get 10 headshots against enemy generals. +10 Honor points.

Head Smasher (Repeatable):  Headshot 5 enemy generals in a single Duel mode. +30 Honor points.

Headshot II: Get 100 headshots against enemy generals. +30 Honor points.

Firm As A Rock: Bounce back enemy attacks 10 times. (I’m assuming tank enemy attacks with heavy armor? I don’t know how I earned this one.) +10 Honor points.

Doom Hero: Be the last survivor on your team in Command mode and kill 4 enemy generals. +20 Honor points.

Soldier Killer: Kill 100 enemy soldiers in Command mode. +30 Honor points.

Adjutant Reaper: Kill 100 enemy Adjutants in Command mode. +30 Honor points.

Hundreds Kill: Epic War Battle of Hu Lao Pass, Kill over 300 enemy soldiers. +30 Honor points.

Large Army: Unlock over 20 soldier units (You can sell old units, they just need to be unlocked). +200 Honor points.

Total = 885 Honor points = 1,700 gold.

(Please read my guide How To Get SS rank for all training missions for the below Achievements)

4. Slashing Talent III: Complete Chopping training and get SS rank. +100 Honor points.

Parry Talent III: Complete Parry training and get SS rank. +100 Honor points.

 Archery Talent III: Complete Archery training and get SS rank. +100 Honor points.

Superb Horsmanship III: Complete Archery training and get SS rank. +100 Honor points.

Elite Fighter: Complete All Training missions With SS Rank (You will now unlock this automatically by default). +200 Honor points.

Irresistible Warrior III: Complete Actual Combat Training with S rank. +100 Honor points.

Total = 1,585 honor points = 2,500 gold.


5. Actual Combat I: Complete Actual Combat on Normal mode (clear 25 waves). +100 Honor points.

Fury Blood: Kill 2 enemy generals while your HP is lower than 25%. +100 Honor points.

Great Precision: Kill an enemy general from 100 paces away (you might be able to use the Duel mode Ballista for this). +100 Honor points.

Miracle: Kill the enemy Marshal while you are the last survivor. +100 Honor points.

Thunder Clap (repeatable): Deal 200 damage with a deadly blow to kill an enemy general. +200 Honor points.

Rapid Shoot: Kill 2 enemy generals with bow’s Triple Rapid Shot.  +200 Honor points.

Total = 2,385 Honor points = 3,500 gold. 


If you can reach 2,900 Honor points that will give you an additional 1,500 Gold for free! There are several more achievements to unlock and earn more gold, but at 3,500 Gold you will have enough to buy two of the cash shop Special Soldier units.

Have any other tips or advice? Comment below and share your thoughts.


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