Unworthy, Action-RPG Enters Steam Greenlight Seeking Votes

Everyday and every second steam Greenlight can see more septic waste flowing through its pages than a sewer system, and I’m not even exaggerating when it comes to all the poop games figuratively and literally hitting the platform. However, every now and then you can find a diamond in the merde (pardon my French), and small indie game Unworthy happens to be one of the few diamonds on the platform.

The time bomb is ticking and slowly counting down before all the garbage vaporizes from existence on Greenlight, in other words Steam Greenlight will leave come this Spring and will be replaced with Steam Direct. Although the platform is filled primarily with stuff that will give you a headache, not every single entry is wretched.

Speaking of a decent entry — and lacking a proper description though — comes Unworthy by Aleksandar Kuzmanovic. Yes, I know, another indie game that wants to be like Dark or Demon Souls, but on the other hand Unworthy is a working game without stolen assets — meaning the dev actually spent time on the game.

Peering over to gameplay mechanics… blocking and attacking are very important, but timing is key to surviving. The AI in this game is designed to be competent and challenging, so working out strategies around each enemy is more than important.

Unworthy also sports a skill tree to create a sense of progression, so there is at least something to build-on and up to if you don’t like the skills present in the game. Speaking of multi-choices, a variety of secondary weapons sit around waiting to be discovered to imbue players with a deadly advantage over the morbid adversaries that lurk the somber fields.

But enough on the mechanics and on with footage showing gameplay. The video below comes in by the dev’s YouTube channel, and stands to be Unworthy’s Greenlight trailer.

If you want to vote for the dev who pokes fun at other bad Greenlight walking simulator games you can by visiting the game’s Steam Greenlight page.

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