Veil Of Crows, RTS Game Enters Steam Greenlight

Veil of Crows, or Lords Castles & Bastards: Veil of Crows, is an RTS game that focuses on sieges and destructible environments. Leading soldiers into enemy territory in a sandbox world all in real-time will be something that players will be able to do in the game. Veil of Crows is seeking votes right now on Steam Greenlight.

Created by MrBungle, Veil of Crows is a title that draws inspiration from other sword and shield games like Mount and Blade and the Total War series, and seeks to bring folks an RTS game with destructible environments.

Commanding armies in mass quantities in and out of conflicts consist of invading castles, destroying engines, and conquering various landscapes occupied by opposing forces. Dominating counterparts can be exploited by scanning enemy forces and using units that are stronger against other units, and planning attacks in specific kinds of weather.

The official description for Veil of Crows sits below detailing it and what can be expected from the indie Greenlight game.

“Veil of crows is a real-time strategy sandbox, set in a chaotic medieval world. Players begin with a handful of peasants and work to build a kingdom. The player will need to exploit the land and its people, using trade, alliances, completing quests or brute force to carve their name into history. If you die, the world will remain as you left it, while you start over. Veil of crows gameplay has been inspired by great titles from Mount and blade, to Stronghold, and the Total war series.”

As of now the game holds a massive sandbox world with a campaign in it. The world itself has up to 75 towns that you can interact with and/or take over. Quests are also nestled throughout the game for other lords and village leaders that increase relations and reward players upon completion.

Spicing things up, Veil of Crows features random encounters and bandits that raid villages and resources. This means that multiple events can occur while carrying out other bounties to mix things up.

Although the game could use some polishing in certain areas, the RTS title isn’t too bad compared to other entries on Greenlight. But you can be the judge of that by watching the video trailer below.

The game is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for votes, but if you want to learn more about this game you can by heading on over to

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