War Of Rights Update 43 Improves Animations And Ballistics

Campfire Games have recently posted up news about a new update for War of Rights, the 1862 war simulator. Standing as the 43rd update in the indie game’s lifespan, the devs laid out what the update contains and the features that will be in Update 43.

Most people probably don’t know that there is a playable build of War of Rights, and that’s mostly due to the fact that you have to pay and raise your rank to Captain on Kickstarter to gain access to the 1862 war simulator game.

For those who haven’t seen nor played the game before, will be able to see the hardcore aspects of War of Rights via an old trailer that shows zeroing a rifle’s sights to 500 yards. This also shows that the game uses real ballistics and how they can kill from afar.

Looking to the current build of War of Rights, preferably Update 43, we can clearly see that the update notes changes to ballistics and reloading animations.

In addition to the update, the Sharps Rifle now has an improved reloading animation and now has a muzzle velocity based on its real life counterpart. This also applies to all weapons in general, which is pretty cool to see an indie game test real vintage rifles and weapons and match actual statistics from real life into a game.

More details regarding bullet properties and weapon accuracy can be found below in the post detailing Update 43:

“The bullet that is fired out of the weapons which you may get a glimpse of if you are fired upon, now actually looks like the type of ammo the weapon is firing. So a Springfield M1861 fires a miniéball, a revolver fires a pistolball, a Whitworth fires a hexagonal bullet and a Springfield M1842, loaded with Buck and Ball, fires multiple balls.”

This means that you will have to take into consideration when firing at a target if they are too far, and seeing how different weather patterns are coming, I’m curious if the snow or rain will affect bullet travel?

Anyways, if you want to stay up to date with War of Rights and see its current progress you can either support it through Kickstarter or you can hit up its main site to get new information.

The game is currently in development and has no release date, but it is set to come out for PC.

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