Warfare Online PC Release Date Set For February 7th

One of the latest games to hit Steam Early Access comes in by publisher and developer Con Artist Games, who brings us Warfare Online. The game is said to sport a card-strategy system that is represented through an RTS multiplayer 1v1 world. Warfare Online will be free to play and is set to hit PC via Steam Early Access on February 7th.

With a name like Con Artist Games on Steam Early Access it seems like the team’s name would raise a few eyebrows given the platform’s history of featuring scammers in disguise. Well, it seems as if a lot of folks like the team’s current game as of early testing (and other titles like Warfare 1917 and 1944), which even got a lot of people saying that they trust the work of Con Artist Games.

I haven’t played any of the dev team’s work, but it seems as if Warfare Online brings card-based strategy tactics and RTS features together, with a modern military style to create something that is familiar on the surface but that is hard to master in practice. So in other words, the game is an actual game that people are looking forward to that offers something skillful instead of just using RNG to lead your team to victory.

The official description sits below.

“Action strategy from the creators of Warfare 1944. Assemble your own custom platoons and fight head to head with players from all over the world!”

Yup, that’s right, battling various players across the world will be a thing. But something that will make the whole experience that much harder is destructible objects and environments. So explosives and tanks will actually morph the field against or in your favor.

You can watch the trailer below to get an ideal as to what Warfare Online seeks to bring, which the trailer comes in by ConArtistGames.

To learn more regarding Warfare Online you can head on over to Steam Early Access or to warfare-online.com.

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