Winstratos, Japanese-Like Shoot’em Up Game Enters Greenlight

A new game just hit Steam Greenlight that brings classic Japanese shoot’em up or shmup action across a fast-paced, laser storm adventure. The spaceship shoot’em up, called Winstratos, is currently seeking votes on the platform.

Have you ever played a shoot’em up game, you know the ones where you have to dodge continuous fire from an onslaught of enemies and beat the big bad thing at the end of each stage, until you reach the even bigger boss? Well, indie dev Paulo C. brings forth the above in Winstratos.

Winstratos is an arcade shoot ’em up (or just shmup), incorporating the concept of flying fast as its core design. When you are alone, fighting an entire armada head-on isn’t a very smart strategy, so hit and run tactics become the only option!”

The story in Winstratos sees a distant space colony remaining to be the last safe bastion for humans, but it’s also haunted by the work of their ancestors. Old combat forces mysteriously mess with the existing peace founded years ago, and the few remaining military units (who are still active) have no choice but to counterattack with full force, seeing how they hold the last of Earth’s resources. This leads to Caz and Su — responsible for the carrier and resources — to embark on a great journey.

Looking over to the gameplay, the game is all about dodging debris, destroying enemies and constantly moving around so that you can survive up until the next level. Spicing things up a bit, your ship can adapt and take up different forms so that you can play as a fighter or a mecha. The former allows for precise shooting while the latter takes on CC (crowd control).

Upon fighting ships that have different attacks, missiles, energy absorbing rays and other weapons to counter you, unlocks can be acquired by collecting coins from fallen enemies to rank up.

Gameplay footage showing what you can do in the bullet hell game Winstratos can be seen below, thanks to Paulo Cezarino‘s channel.

If this is a game that you can get behind you can vote for it over on Steam Greenlight. If you want to learn more about the game you can hit up (which is the game’s Tumblr page).


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