YouTubers Life Graduates From Early Access On Steam
YouTubers Life

Spanish Studio U-Play Online announced recently that the life simulation title, YouTubers Life, has finally graduated from Early Access and has launched in full on Steam. The game is available for on Valve’s digital distribution service.

The press release went out recently letting people know that later today the game will be available on the Steam store, finally having graduated from the Early Access section of Steam.

Quim Garrigós, development director at U-Play Online commented about the game finally having made it through the milestone of the pre-release of YouTubers Life

“We want to thank everybody who supported Youtubers Life in its Early Access period, helping us bring this wonderful project to life,” “Now it’s time to show the world our game leaving Early Access, which is orders of magnitude better and longer than it was 8 months ago”.

The YouTubers Life game lets players fulfill the role of becoming a superstar YouTuber. The game sees you attempting to make relationships with other YouTubers, upgrade your recording gear, editing videos, uploading videos and eventually moving out of your mother’s basement into your apartment and then into your own mansion.

The game is played very similarly to The Sims, where you need to choose a career path, keep your character fed, clothed and ambitious. As a YouTuber you can actually choose to pursue the pathway of either a gamer, cook or a musician, all three of which happen to be the most popular forms of user generated content on YouTube. Surprisingly they don’t have a makeup artist on the tab, even though doing makeup is actually one of the most popular forms of edutainment on YouTube.

The game is quite popular with both hardcore and casual fans, and unsurprisingly YouTubers Life managed to make it onto Twitch and YouTube and become a smash hit with streamers and Let’s Play outlets alike.

You can look for the game to be made available and out of Steam Early Access later today by visiting the Steam store.


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