88 Heroes Set To Launch On PS4, Xbox One, PC March 24th
88 Heroes

A game featuring 88 different heroes having to complete 88 different levels called 88 Heroes is set to launch on home consoles and PC on March 24th next week.

The frantic, over-the-top, action comedy centered around using a variety of unique heroes to overcome specific level challenges centers around 88 heroes having to team up to stop Dr. H8, who has plans on destroying the Earth. However, simply stopping the Doc isn’t enough, the heroes will only have 88 minutes to complete their mission while tackling 88 different levels in order to reach the Doc.

This calamity conundrum sets the game apart from many other titles out there. While yes, it is another pixel-oriented platformer, there’s certainly a lot of heart tucked away inside the themes of Rising Star Games’ 88 Heroes.

You can see the game in action with the trailer below.

According to the press release from Rising Star Games, the 88 levels are spread across four different zones for players to conquer, and there are multiple game modes to enjoy, including a team based mode, a solo mode and a survival mode.

They also added two additional heroes and a new H8 Mode for the special physical edition of 88 Heroes, which is exclusively going to be available for the PS4 on March 24th.

They also have plans to introduce additional DLC at a later date, depending on how well the game does.

I remember when Rising Star was pushing 88 Heroes through Steam Greenlight and I thought it looked like a really interesting game. It’s nice to see that they’ve managed to overcome their hurdles and finally nail down a solid release date for home consoles and PC. The game looks like it could be a load of fun, and a nice throwback to old-school 2D platformers.

You can learn more about the game by paying a kind visit to the official 88 Heroes website.

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