A Foretold Affair, Romantic Visual Novel Available On Steam
A Foretold Affair

GB Patch Games released their Kickstarted visual novel A Foretold Affair onto Steam recently. The game is a romance tale about a seer attempting to find true love.

The visual novel follows an abnormal Buffalo Seer who is attempting to see into the future as part of their profession. However, looking into the future is a dangerous thing and a frowned upon task within the Seer community. Even still, the Buffalo Seer manages to look into their future and find out that they find true love, get married and love the Abnormal’s society.

This is where the player comes in.

The objective is to help guide the seer and find their true love amongst a perfect stranger. This takes place over the course of a 150,000 word script, and the visual novel features three different romance choices, including a male, female and an androgynous character.

A Foretold Affair features 20 different CG images, some light animation effects and custom stories based on the decisions you make through the journey.

It’s mentioned on the Steam store page that it’s not a visual novel that focuses on multiple branching paths like some games, but that instead it has a “customizable story”.

Reviews have not come in at the time of writing this article, so if you aren’t a crowdfunding backer you’re likely going to be going in blind.

A Foretold Affair obviously caters to a specific kind of visual novel fan, so if you’re expecting anything remotely on the line of Sekai Project or something from Winged Club, you’re clearly looking in the wrong direction. This particular outing is very much safe for work.

If you’re interested in picking up a digital copy of A Foretold Affair, you can look to get your hands on it right now for $12.99 over on the Steam store.


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