Abatron Mixes RTS And FPS Combat On Early Access Starting March 10th

Abatron Early Access

If you’ve been in the mood for a game that isn’t just another science fiction first-person shooter, or isn’t just another hack-and-slash third-person action title, or isn’t just another base-building RTS game, you’ll likely enjoy the inter-blending of genres with W3 Studios’ Abatron.

The upcoming game is due to land on Steam Early Access this week on March 10th. The title will unlock for the general public in just three days. It features a hybrid ability to go from commander mode to FPS or TPS combat.

You start by allocating resources, building up your bases, constructing vehicles and ramping up the numbers of your troops that you send into battle.

Where Abatron separates itself from other games is that while the action gets hot and heavy, you can then switch from the commander mode and hop into the shoes of one of your units, turning the game from a hardcore real-time strategy game into a hardcore first-person shooter, not unlike Nuclear Dawn, Battleswarm: Field of Honor or Savage.

You can see what Abatron looks like in action with the Let’s Play captured from MasterofRolfness.

In addition to the standard RTS/FPS mechanics, there are also hero abilities that can be utilized on the battlefield to help give you an edge over enemies, similar to Star Wars: Battlefront, and an XP and leveling system so that you can upgrade your units as you master the battlefield and defeat the cyborg demons.

Of course, playing this alone would seem kind of lame, which is why W3 Studios have a co-op mode and an online competitive multiplayer mode tucked into the game’s options.

Throughout Early Access they plan on adding in air units, a fully fleshed out campaign story mode, native mod support, new races to play, a new command option while in FPS mode, and additional maps and planets.

They’re expecting Abatron to stay in Early Access for about a year, or just a little under that. Right now they have a tentative late 2017 release inked down on the docket.

You can look for Abatron to enter Early Access on March 10th. If you’re interested or want to keep an eye on development, you can visit the official Steam page.