Absolver PAX East 2017 Gameplay Video Shows Current Progress

A long time ago, or some time back, we covered a fighting game called Absolver. The game back then gained an announcement trailer showing off in-game footage and what platforms it was coming to. As of now, publisher Devolver Digital and developer Sloclap attended PAX East 2017 and shared the game for folks to check out, which shows off the latest progress.

The game, Absolver, is set to come out this year for PC, Xbox One and PS4. But while we wait for the devs to release an official due date, two YouTubers have videos for you to look over detailing the game.

Although not all that much information was published regarding this game up until now, we finally get to see more in-game footage showing off the latest progress of Absolver that Sloclap has churned out.

I should note that I was not that impressed with the game back when it was first announced, and I’m still on the fence about it as of today. However, I do like that it holds a semi-original look aesthetics wise, and that there is some ambition behind the project in that it’s trying something new.

But like most people that see a triple-A title that does something slightly different from other triple-A titles like For Honor or Dark Souls, any game that is remotely close to it will be compared to it. And in this case Absolver has somehow fallen into that same stereotype and has people saying that it is a For Honor clone, which doesn’t make all that much sense to me.

But anyways, you can check out a summary video by BouseFeenux showing Absolver — that also compares it to For Honor.


The next video shows actual gameplay footage by PS360HD, which the video reveals 10 minutes of Absolver at PAX East 2017.

Absolver is set to come out sometime this year for PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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