Alien: Covenant’s Second Trailer Gives You A Full Look At The Alien

Alien Covenant

Most times when it comes to horror films and thrillers we rarely get to see the character doing all the killing. They try hard to focus on keeping the villain a secret as often as possible. Well, in a separate twist, the second major trailer for Alien: Covenant actually revealed the alien xenomorph in all its glory.

The second trailer is two and a half minutes long, and you can check it out below from Kinocheck International.

The trailer starts with the typical speech about the crew exploring and venturing to new planets in order to colonize them.

The trailer first highlights the pristine planet they land on, the environments and the almost sterile atmosphere. The first telltale sign of things not going well for the crew is that they notice that the planet is abnormally still… in fact, there are no animals or life signs, despite food and vegetation growing.

We then get a shot of the Engineers’ ship, crashed up in the forest, and it’s pretty obvious what comes next.

We see one of the characters examining the facehugger pod, and inevitably getting face-hugged. The trailer reveals a couple of spoilers, but not as much as the original trailer, which revealed a couple of different deaths that took place at the hands of the xenomorph.

One of the highlights of the newest trailer is that we not only get a full view of the xenomorph but we get to see it in action, smashing its head against the window of the cockpit where Danny McBride is situated. I’m curious exactly how that scene is going to play out?

Ultimately, I’m a little torn on this movie. The cast looks great, especially the second in command… she seems catching. I’m curious if Danny McBride can pull off a serious role. And I like that Michael Fassbender is back. However… this only seems tangentially related to Prometheus, and the setup looks to be yet another retread of the first movie and the first Alien.

Hopefully my reservations and apprehensions are proven wrong and the reviews point to the film being worthwhile.

You can look for Alien: Covenant to launch in a theater near you starting May 19th.