Away, Anime First-Person Rogue-Lite Coming To Switch, PS4, Xbox One
Away Journey to the Unexpected
(Last Updated On: March 8, 2017)

Away Journey to the Unexpected from French game designer Aurelien Regard was announced with a brand new trailer for the Xbox One, PS4, PC and the Nintendo Switch. The game is a first-person rogue-lite that’s inspired by anime films.

Playdius Entertainment’s title bursts onto the scene with a trailer featuring a typical Japanese anime intro theme, great looking animations and a lot of action to boot.

The game’s treailer reminds me a lot of Dragon Quest and Monster Rancher. You can check out the minute long video below.

After nearly 35 seconds of cinematics, we finally get to the see the actual game. As a first-person rogue-lite, you battle enemies, explore environments and level-up.

It’s hard to think of another game similar to Away: Journey to the Unexpected. I would say it’s similar to the old Legend of Zelda games but in first-person.

Gamers will actually be able to experience the title first-hand when it’s put on display this weekend at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts.

The game is still a long ways off from release, with the press release mentioning that it isn’t scheduled to launch until the very end of 2017.

Away - Gameplay Screenshot

Prior to Away: Journey to the Unexpected, Regard released The Next Penelope under the Arkedo Studio banner. The game didn’t quite take off, so he’s trying his hand at a genre that’s a bit more familiar to the standard core gamer.

Artistically, the game actually looks pretty good. The mix of cartoon-style aesthetics in a fully 3D rendered environment helps Away stand out amongst a tide of other indie titles out there. The real selling point will be the gameplay mechanics and how well they can tie into the storytelling.

Expect to see more of this title as it moves through the development phase leading up to its release later this year for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. For more info you can visit the official website.

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