Battlegrounds, Battle Royale-Inspired Game Set To Hit Steam On March 23rd

Battlegrounds by Bluehole is shaping up to release to the public very soon. The game classified as an “MMO Shooter” is set to come out through Steam Early Access, which is currently set to debut on March 23rd for PC.

Known as PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds, it is also commonly known as Battlegrounds — and the latter obviously sounds better. And while Battle Royale games slowly come out of the woodwork to reflect human vs. human elimination, much like the original Battle Royale film, folks will be able to get their hands on the game come March 23rd.

This information comes from the game’s Steam update page that shows a new trailer and its official Steam Early Access release date:

“PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS will launch on Steam Early Access on March 23! Spread the word and check out our new trailer!”

The new video trailer compiles a list of in-game scenes together to reveal what PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds has to offer players. The one minute and near 40 second long trailer for some reason is not on the devs main YouTube channel but on PC Gamer‘s channel, which you can catch below.

A lot of people seem to be really into this game so far, it looks just okay to me, though. The animations look choppy, and I’ve noticed that it has frame-rate issues, but seeing how it’s an Early Access all of that can change in the near future.

If you want to keep up to date with PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds you can head on over to the game’s official website to get the latest information regarding the Battle Royale-style game.

Lastly, Battlegrounds is set to hit Steam Early Access on March 23rd for PC. Before signing out, you can watch a new video showing scavenging, battling and other in-game footage of Battlegrounds courtesy of Jackfrags.

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