Bolt Storm, RTS Dungeon Crawler Lands On Greenlight

Steam Greenlight doesn’t have long until it ceases to exist, but in the meantime there are some devs trying to use the platform as intended. One of these developers are known as Kuality Games, and they  seek to move Bolt Storm through Steam Greenlight.

One of the latest entries on Steam Greenlight comes a real-time strategy game called Bolt Storm. Providing multiple classes, troop variations, formation control and commanding tools, the game offers a dungeon crawler experience that’s quite different.

“Bolt Storm is a Dungeon Crawler action game that combines unique Army mechanics with Roguelike elements. Fight as the mighty crusader King that has been betrayed by his mad brother. Build an army, equip best weapons, armor and storm out of the dungeons by facing enemies and bosses guarding them.”

When storming places of interest, multiple classes — like offensive warriors and tanks — hone strengths while reflecting weaknesses during said campaign. This forces a player to mix up tactics to overcome whatever it is that’s in the way.

Another way to avoid exposing your team and their weakness is by paying attention to troop “variations”. Each class has different weapons, armor and traits, opting for potent outcomes that will fall in the player’s favor when a soldier variant is applied in the right situation.

Finding the right opening to smash opposing forces can be widen by the command system. Creating formations and encamping enemies with direct orders to your troops proves to be a game changer compared to going in blind and swinging.

Looking over to the typical feature found in a lot of indie games comes randomly generated rooms. Each level will be shuffled with a different theme, unique to that floor with new aesthetics. At the end of a dungeon players will face off with a boss that stands to be the guardian of that dungeon.

The game is set to come out for PC sometime during Q4 of 2017, which If you want you can vote for the game by hitting up Steam Greenlight.

For additional information you can check out, or by watching the trailer below.


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