Buildanauts, Building Game To Hit PC Via Steam Soon

If you are into building cities, towns and modern day locations, publisher Octopus Tree and developers TouchTilt Games seek to bring Buildanauts to players looking to indulge in the aforementioned. The city simulation game is currently slated to hit Steam Early Access “sometime soon” and will be for PC.

Building stuff is an integral part of a city sim and there is a new game that takes building stuff and creating your very own city to another level. Yes, the Buildanauts may look graphically unpleasing, but it’s the mechanics and options that speak louder in the case of sims like this.

The upcoming city builder is all about planning and being the mayor of your own dream town. Constructing houses, city sites and roads for vehicles to drive on are just a small part of some of the things that you can build/create in Buildanauts.

“In BUILDANAUTS, you’re the foreman, the city planner, and the mayor of the town of your dreams. Build a town that your townsfolk, the Buildanites, will be proud to call home!”

The game tasks you to survey a vast amount of land waiting for your construction crew so that you can build whatever it is that you want. Of course, this will take some digging, shaping and structuring to make your city look like a dream project.

In-game footage can be see showing construction and other properties in Buildanauts, which does not focus heavily on graphics but the mechanics of construction. The video trailer comes in courtesy of TouchTilt Games.

The game also tasks players to tend to townspeople and keep up other buildings to make sure everything is in top shape. If you don’t, however, the towns-people will move out and will decrease your overall population.

Buildanauts is set to hit PC “sometime soon” and will be for Steam Early Access. More information can be found regarding this game by hitting up


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