Canceled Die Hard 64 Gameplay video Surfaces On Internet

For those of you that like classic retro games, this might interest you. It looks like there was supposed to be a Die Hard 64 game for the Nintendo 64 that bit the dust before it was ever released to the public.

However, the guys over at the gaming website Retro Collect have uncovered the old game and has video evidence to prove it.

Based on the information from Retro Collects website, forum user that goes by the name of 10ahu, worked for the developers at Bits Studios back when the Die Hard 64 game was being developed back in the late 1990s.

The game project was canceled though because the N64’s life cycle was coming to an end, and Sony and Nintendo were moving on to the Playstation 2 and the Nintendo Gamecube respectively. Thus, good ‘ole John McClane never saw his N64 first-person shooter debut. Before we talk more about the game, take a look at the gameplay video that I linked down below from YouTuber Ten Shu.

Die Hard 64 apparently isn’t running on an emulator, based on the information provided by 10au, it might not ever be able to unless someone converts the Rom. It seems that the Die Hard 64 game from the video is running on an Everdrive that has genuine Nintendo 64 hardware.

The above video shows the Prison Riot escape stage, as well as some hand-to-hand punching combat, the use of a knife, a baseball bat, a single pistol, and even dual pistols. Even though the game was never finished and it was missing a lot of assets and sound effects, you can also see that they had progressed quite a bit into the game’s development. 10ahu was interviewed by the staff at Retro Collect and he told a little bit about what we’re looking at in the above video.

“The game is far from complete, and is split into three roms. Each rom has got about 8 levels and around 3 of them are playable in each rom (the rest are test levels, or unfinished levels with no enemies at all). The levels playable include the prison riot, the hospital, LA street, the police department. The maps are quite big, and fairly impressive for the Nintendo 64; for instance in the LA street level you have few streets and you can go inside some buildings, but you dont have any pedestrians or cars running in the street. It feels a bit empty, but this is a very early game. All cutscenes are missing and beside the “yippee ki yay!” and “that must hurt” voiced by Bruce Willis, there is no dialogue at all. Even in the most completed level you have a lot of funny glitches. It was really a work in progress [….]

Another interesting tidbit was that Die Hard 64 had a “Bullet Time” function where the game would go in slow motion and rotate around the bullet; that would have been some really mind-blowing gameplay back in the age of the N64. For now, it is unknown if Die Hard 64 will ever be converted to be a playable Rom version for download.

For those interested, YouTuber Ten Shu uploaded a second video that shows more gameplay, but according to the interview, the canceled project only had about 3 playable stages and the other stages were all just unfinished test levels.


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