Cemu 1.7.4 Will Fix Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Glitches
Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Cemu 174
(Last Updated On: March 25, 2017)

Exzap and the rest of the Cemu team are hard at work on finishing up the Patreon release of Cemu 1.7.4, which will feature a number of fixes and compatibility improvements for the Wii U version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

According to a post on Reddit, the grass, water and magnetic abilities are now all working properly. Cemu build 1.7.4 will also make it possible to complete the Shrines, and the cryostasis ability that Link has to freeze water also works.

The most important fix for the game is the game-breaking glitch that saw Link sinking through the floor, making it almost impossible to complete some tasks in the game.

You can see a demonstration of the Cemu team’s progress with getting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to work along with improving the frame-rate and compatibility for playability. The video is provided courtesy of YamGaming.

Some of you might remember that in version 1.7.3 of Cemu it was practically impossible to play Breath of the Wild with decent frame-rates.

According to YamGaming, there will be another video showing more of the advancements of the Cemu running Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild come April 2nd, which is when it will be available for Patreon backers. A week later on April 9th, the public build of version 1.7.4 will then be made available.

So far, there’s no word on whether or not other games will be improved with the compatibility patch, but a lot of people were mostly hoping for The Legend of Zelda to be improved so they can play the game at 60fps at 4K resolution.

If you feel as if Team Cemu is doing a job that deserves your patronage, you can contribute to the cause by visiting the Team Cemu Patreon page and giving them a few bucks to help them along and speed up the development of the Cemu emulator.

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  • Yan Leebar

    asking for money for your emulator seems rather shady to me – however you cut it they will make money from piracy.

    • Matthew Decker

      Ok. So. Here’s the deal. It’s not piracy, it’s hardware emulation. They are not saying here download all the games. If they did they would include or tell you how to obtain said games.They are saying if you own the game. Its supposed to be a way to run back up of the games you own on your computer. And yes they are asking for money because they are developing the emulation software. Most developers even for phone roms to icon makers would like some type of reciprocation.

      • Aaron Cul

        Kinda seems like an excuse to me. Like dawg, they know that people are resourceful enough to be able to obtain the games their-selves. I’m going to be real with you, how many people actually buy the game when they are playing games on emulators? If you are going to try to be clever, at least do it right.

        • Matthew Decker

          This may be true and I’m not saying piracy is not out there because it is but I do know that ever game I have played on the emulator I own on my Wii U. And just because people can access these games doesn’t mean they are developing the emulator based on that purpose.

          • FlamingoJet

            Don’t agree with him, that argument has no water.

            You can’t prove it and if you say you can, you are lying or mistaken.

            Emulation is 100% not illegal. Just like running a torrent client is not illegal. It’s what you DO with it, that can be.

            People really need to understand this.

        • Ian Norton

          People use cars to make drug deals. Ban cars?

    • FlamingoJet

      It is not illegal to make profit on software you are coding and they are only asksing for donations if you want early access.

  • FlamingoJet

    I predict this will be fully playable at 30fps in 3 months.

    • Maybe even sooner than that… seems like after the next two updates they’ll have it at 30fps.

      • FlamingoJet

        That would be amazing. I really hope at minimum they are targeting 30 but at maximum targeting 60.

        I would love to play a 3D Zelda game for once at 60.

        I also hope they handle all those performance issues with the grass.

        I’ve played the Switch version docked and undocked, both suffer from massive fps drop and I’ve heard the Wii U version is worse.

        • Ian Norton

          Why maximum at 60? More never hurts.

          • FlamingoJet

            Because you are emulating an entire system on your CPU. That’s extremely intensive. No one ever said that more than 60 wasn’t better, so nice strawman there.

          • Garbagio Dumpsterino

            You said “but at maximum targeting 60”. Why at maximum?

          • FlamingoJet

            “Because you are emulating an entire system on your CPU. That’s extremely
            intensive. No one ever said that more than 60 wasn’t better, so nice
            strawman there.”