Check Out 11 Minutes Of Battalion 1944 Gameplay

Do you want to see the latest gameplay footage of Battalion 1944? A new video showing in-game footage is now up revealing Square Enix and Bulkhead Interactive’s first-person shooter. The multiplayer WW2 game is set to come out for PC via Steam Early Access, while an Xbox One and PS4 version is planned, too.

The upcoming WW2 shooter, known as Battalion 1944, is shaping up to be like the much older Call of Duty titles. Mirroring the multiplayer aspects of said title, Battalion 1944 is all about fast-paced strafing, quick-scoping opponents and competitive play.

The video below that comes in by Westie showing the game in action, currently stands to be an early version or Pre-Alpha build of Battalion 1944. This means that the footage below does not represent the final gameplay mechanics, graphics or map design. All of the named mechanics will be changed in the future and will go through Steam Early Access to better the game.

At the moment, if one were to judge the game as it stands now the graphics are nothing to write home about, neither are the sounds. But that’s not the point behind the Pre-Alpha test, the point behind the test is to simply improve the flow of stage design so that the developers can implement their vision into the game. After core gameplay mechanics are given the okay, the developers will improve graphics, SFX and other features once the game is fun and fits into their vision.

You can check out the video that Westie posted up on his YouTube channel, which offers his thoughts and impressions on the WW2 first-person shooter.

If you want to play the game and help provide useful feedback to the developers, there will be an event that will go down allowing you to do so.

“Thursday from the 31st of March to the 1st of April we will be playtesting Battalion 1944 LIVE at EGX rezzed, 4v4 Team Deathmatch on Battalion’s ManorHouse map.”

If you can’t make it to EGX rezzed, the devs will hold an Alpha PC test (which is different from the Pre-Alpha test) sometime soon. The Alpha test will most likely be accompanied by the new trailer that’s currently in the works.

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