Check Out This Funny Mass Effect Andromeda Glitch Compilation
(Last Updated On: March 22, 2017)

Every game has a few random glitches every now and then. Games are complex and these things happen. But then, we have some games where they have so many glitches, poorly done animations, and bugs, that you can find them without even trying, some to the point of breaking the entire game.

I always appreciate a nice good juicy glitch that gives me a good chuckle, sometimes if I really like the glitch I’ll even go out of my way to recreate it or exploit it just for the LOLs.

This now brings us to Mass Effect Andromeda which has become notorious for having poorly done animations and well, a host of just really ugly people. Some of the content in the game is so bad that it is actually hilariously funny, but don’t just take our word for it, check out this series of GIFs and a bonus video at the end that shows off some pretty funny animation fails and random glitch moments that has us scratching our heads and chuckling.

First off, This Gen Gaming has posted this series of awesome glitches that really highlights the best qualities of Mass Effect Andromeda.

This is when you go to “Infinity”, and then venture out a little farther to the “And Beyond” part of space…

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Cue heavy breathing and heavy sweating as Ryder dramatically looks into the camera with an intense gaze upon his face… Oh, wait, no… that’s just the rain glitching through his helmet and running down the wrong way, creating the illusion of sweat. In simple terms, all that liquid we’re seeing should be on the outside of his helmet.

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This next image shows just how excited this couple is to see each other again. Look at that enthusiasm in that firm handshake!

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We’ve come a long way with water and liquid physics, and for certain games, the liquid physics literally look real. This next GIF blows me away. Looks like that beverage will really quench your thirst.

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I have no words for this next one… but I think Ryder is having a lot of fun doing whatever it is they’re doing…

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And last but not least, we have YouTuber Gamer’s Little Playground and his epic glitch and hilarious animation compilation video.

So there we have it, we have to give our props to these glitch hunters, they have served us well. What do you think about these animations and glitches? Share your thoughts below and tell us your favorite.

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