Cuphead Developers Talk Boss Fights, Platforming And Gameplay

In a recent article that went up shedding some light on Studio MDHR’s upcoming game Cuphead, we learn that the game will have a main focus on boss fights than platforming. The game will also sport “tough but fair” segments throughout boss fights and platforming. The actual game itself is set to come out mid-2017 for Xbox One and PC.

According to publication site The BitBag the site covers how much boss fighting one will do during a playthrough of Cuphead, and how much platforming will be in the game. The site retrieved this information from Studio MDHR’s main FAQ (frequently asked question) page.

The site notes from the page that Cuphead will contain 75 percent boss battles throughout a general session. This means that a large majority of a player’s time will be spent fighting bosses. This can be seen in a 75-25 ratio that the devs posted on the FAQ page:

“The first iteration was solely a boss rush game because we knew, at that point, we could not even attempt to create platforming levels that would be on-par with the quality of the bosses. The amount of extra background paintings, heaps of enemies and everything else would have been impossible. Our original “dream scope” had platforming levels to allow for a change of pace from the boss-intensive game. Since expanding the game, we had the opportunity to bring back most of our original plans – including the platforming levels. Cuphead is still focused on boss battles, in fact, if we break things down we are looking at a split of roughly 75% bosses and 25% platforming levels.”

Although 25 percent platforming may not seem like all that much, the devs wanted to mix things up and bring quality and unique platforming to the table that will stand as “breathing room in between boss fights.” In other words, the devs want quality platform segments that lead into tough boss fights.

Speaking of tough fights and challenging difficulty, the publication site also highlighted a segment in the FAQ about the game being “tough but fair”. The devs want players to master stages so that it feels rewarding upon beating a level:

“Our aim is “tough but fair”. Cuphead may be challenging, but that’s what makes victory feel that much more rewarding. We want to inspire players to master the variety of gameplay techniques available in Cuphead, so the challenge level becomes a means to an end. Cuphead has its roots in classic arcade-style games, games that really made you earn success. It’s the type of game we grew up loving and something we wanted to recreate.”

The game is looking pretty nice with its hand drawn characters and painted backgrounds. It just makes one wonder will the actual game be as entertaining and fun as the aesthetics in the game? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Cuphead is set to release sometime during the mid part of this year for Xbox One and PC.


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