David O’Reilly’s Everything Is Now Available For PS4, PS4 Pro
David O Reilly Everything

A game about everything. That’s what Everything is about. No really. This might sound like some sort of page out of a Douglas Adams book, but the reality is that David O’Reilly’s Everything is literally about… everything.

That description above probably makes no sense, and trying to type into words what this game is about will likely make even less sense, but let me just say this about the game: you can be anything, everything, everywhere, all the time.

Everything recently launched for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. The game features the very core of quantum mechanics from the inner workings of particle muons up to the very fabric of existence itself, and of course everything in between. This strange experience is narrated by the late British philosopher Alan Watts, giving not only context and summary to your meandering existential exploits, but also a bit of flavor to the structure of that adventure.

As I mentioned, there’s no way to put into words what Everything is about. However, maybe the launch trailer will help.

That trailer is fantastic.

The press release has a slightly more coherent summary of what to expect from the gameplay experience, where it states…

“Everything is about the quiet explosion of life going on all around us. This unique game experience is a simulation of reality – you can be the Universe or create your own – has been in development for three years. Everything takes place in the world we live in now and features one million+ years of gameplay, a rich musical score from composer Ben Lukas Boysen and thousands of playable characters that will give you a new perspective on life.”

I don’t know how much actual gameplay you could get out of Everything but it reminds me of something experimental and kind of zen, a little like Goat Simulator. For $14.99 it’s not priced too bad for all that you can do and all where you can go, so it’s one of those things where it’s about the discovery of life and everything contained within it, from the solar system all the way down to the microcosms of organic life.

It seems like this would have been a wild experience with a VR patch. Maybe it’ll arrive at some point on PC?

Anyway, you can pick up a digital copy of Everything right now from the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS4 Pro for $14.99. The PC version will release on April 21st via the Steam store.


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