Day Of Infamy Hits Steam With Hotfix And Updates

From the creators that brought gamers Insurgency comes a game called Day of Infamy, which is now playable via Steam. The first-person shooter not only graduated from Steam Early Access, but it also received an update known as its first hotfix. Day of Infamy is out now for PC.

If you like first-person shooters set during World War 2, Day of Infamy could be a game right up your alley. The game focuses heavily on “tactical” shooting and infantry-based conflicts during the second world war, and arrived with a hotfix that not only fixes things but adds new stuff, too.

But before getting into all of the stuff fixed and updated, you can read the official description for the game if you happen to be new to Day of Infamy.

“The creators of Insurgency present the next installment of their successful FPS platform with Day of Infamy. Featuring tactical close-quarters WWII combat across a wide range of multiplayer and coop scenarios, Day of Infamy is a highly intense teamwork-rewarding experience.”

Looking over to the update/hotfix — which more can be found over on the game’s Steam page — Units who were just unlocked now work correctly, along with icons, as well as a bipod glitch that is now fixed. New things that are now present via the update includes uniforms for the 352. Infanterie-Division and 29th Panzergrenadier Division, along with mod fixing and publishing layout.

The official trailer can be seen below, thanks to NewWorldInteractive‘s channel.

A new gameplay trailer showing a flame-trooper in action reveals city combat, and how a flame-trooper can be used to flush out enemies in urban combat.

The game as of now holds a Steam rating of “Very Positive”, and currently runs for $19.99. More information regarding the developers, New World Interactive, and Day of Infamy can be found by hitting up


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