Dead Rising 4 DLC Reveals Frank West Really Did Die At The End
Dead Rising 4 Frank Rising
(Last Updated On: March 21, 2017)

A lot of people were dismayed with the ending for Dead Rising 4. It concluded with Frank West falling from a helicopter into a pile of zombies who proceeded to attack (and eat?) the intrepid reporter. Well, many gamers suspected that West couldn’t have died… he’s the hero and they felt that he had to have lived… right? Well, not really. Frank West dies and becomes a zombie, but he’s also back as a playable character in the new Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising DLC.

Over on the Capcom Unity blog they revealed that the new DLC will see Frank making a return… as one of the living dead.

The new DLC is set to drop on April 11th for Xbox One and Windows 10 on PC. The game will take on a slightly different tone, as Frank will need to feed on live human flesh in order to stay undead and kicking.

Frank will need help from some allies in order to find a cure for his zombie strain, something beyond the meager offerings of Zombrex.

In addition to shambling around as an undead Frank, there’s also the new mini-golf mode called “Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf”. This is a single-player or multiplayer with take-turns gameplay featuring new costumes and power-ups.

It’s funny because a lot of people had already called it and said that given the way Dead Rising 4 ended it would likely have DLC to flesh out the ending, and lo and behold there’s some DLC to flesh out the ending. Typical Capcom. Whether or not this will actually be the final, final ending remains to be seen… but if Frank can’t cure his zombie problem, then it looks like he’s staying (un)dead for good.

The new DLC for Dead Rising 4 will be available for $9.99 on Steam, the Microsoft Store and Xbox One.

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  • Phasmatis75

    Just when you thought the game couldn’t get worse, paid ending DLC that continues to crap all over the series established lore. Something tells me we aren’t going to see a Dead Rising 5 or another Dead Rising game till someone else gets the IP.

  • Bronn

    The fuck, you’d just put a spoiler in the headline like that? What’s up with this shitty ass website?

    • Uh, the DLC spoils it bro. It’s called “Frank Rising” and Capcom announced that Frank died on their website when they announced the DLC about Frank dying.

      • Dre Holiday

        Man, that’s bullshit, that IS a huge spoiler regardless of the name of the DLC! They could have have just named it Frank Rising for the hell of it. I haven’t finished DR 4 yet and because of your careless title, you have ruined the damn ending. Thanks a lot.

        • Well okay… but Frank being a dead zombie in the screenshot also gives it away too. I mean… Capcom could have just added the ending in the full game, but the true ending DLC is spoilers regardless.

          • Phasmatis75

            Capcom is notorious for spoiling their own games. It’s why I didn’t get Lost Planet 3 until it came in a humble bundle.

          • Yeah they did the same thing with Asura’s Wrath. *shrugs* If people don’t want the ending spoiled they should tell publishers to actually include it in the game instead of selling it as DLC.

          • Phasmatis75

            You just learn to avoid Capcom’s advertisements for their games. Which is problematic because you need to make an informed decision, so you’re stuck trying to find out enough to know whether to buy, but not have them spoil it for you.

            Yes though, Capcom should tag their videos with spoiler warnings.

          • Dre Holiday

            Him being a zombie in the DLC doesn’t automatically mean he’s dead. Your article title completely spoiled the ending, regardless of how you try to spin it.

          • LOL… so what you’re saying is that if you saw a giant screenshot of Frank as a zombie, and it’s called “Frank Rising”, what exactly would you expect when you click the link? Non-spoilers? Even if you visited the Capcom Unity blog the first sentence would spoil it for you son.

            The DLC deals 100% with what happens after the ending of the base game, specifically Frank dying.

            Now if Capcom didn’t want this spoiled for people who didn’t beat the game, maybe they should not have made the DLC specifically tailored to spoil the end of the game.

            Your only hope would have been to never look at any links dealing with the DLC, because guess what? Once you see Frank as a zombie IT SPOILS THE ENDING!

          • Dre Holiday

            Dude, the fucking problem is that you put it in your fucking title! If you had given your article a generic headline, there would be no problem! I didn’t have to click into your article to have the story spoiled because you put the shit right in your headline!!! If you had put a fucking spoiler warning in your headline and I still clicked into the story and got spoiled then yeah, that’s my bad. But no, you did some dumb shit and aren’t taking responsibility for it. Terrible headline that spoiled the game for someone that didn’t even read your damn article, that’s what happened!

          • If you had given your article a generic headline,

            lol… so the DLC spoils the ending and you want me to try to work around Capcom’s stuff? Also did you check GNews?


            Most of them say Frank is now a zombie. So either I’m copy-pasting a generic headline that Google buries for being generic, or I’m spoiling the headline like the other sites still.

            At this point, if they didn’t want spoilers the ending shouldn’t have been behind a pay-wall. I went with a descriptive headline that explained the contents of the DLC. It’s not misleading or click-bait or misrepresentative. It’s accurate. So we can’t win ’em all and if you’re angry that the headline is accurate to the content but spoils it for you, it’s just something I’ll have to live with.

          • Dre Holiday

            Dude, it’s a spoiler. I’ve got an aggregator that pulls in DR4 news and guess what? Your headline was the only one that spoiled the fucking ending. There were tons of other articles talking about the dlc and not one of them said what your headline says and I was completely unaware of the ending, until I scrolled past your article’s headline. If I clicked on your article and found out the ending, that’s one thing but it was unavoidable because it was right in my face.

          • “Frank West is a zombie in Dead Rising 4 story DLC”

            That literally tells you Frank is a zombie as part of the story. That is a spoiler, right there in the headline. That’s from Eurogamer.

            You’re essentially angry we didn’t copy paste our headlines like the 118,000 other articles. Well, okay, too bad for you bro. As I said, the headline is accurate to what the DLC is about since the DLC itself is a spoiler. So I’m really just not going to try to tip-toe around Capcom trying to swindle you so you can pay $9.99 to get the true ending. If they didn’t want spoilers the ending would have been in the actual game, not DLC.

          • Dre Holiday

            No, I’m angry because you spoiled the fucking game with your idiotic headline, unlike a ton of other sites I’ve happened upon.

          • Dre Holiday

            Also, seeing Frank as a zombie, in and of itself, doesn’t spoil shit. As far as I knew, that was just some fun content Capcom threw in the game, kinda like how they throw in crap from their other games. Just because they throw a Mega Man or Street Fighter costume into a Dead Rising game doesn’t mean Frank is turning into fucking Mega Man or M. Bison. It’s just DLC!

  • Disqusted

    F**kin’ Crapcom and their DLC.