Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer Pokes Fun At Superman

A new trailer for the upcoming Deadpool 2 film has gone live after it premiered during the opening of the R-rated superhero flick, Logan. The clip is just under four minutes and manages to offer plenty of laughs along the way.

The subtle and understated use of humor, where Ryan Reynolds’ titular character attempts to save a man being mugged in an alley but he decides to first put on his Deadpool outfit by changing in a nearby phone booth, similar to Superman. Unlike Superman, things don’t quite go as planned for Deadpool.

Majority of the clip is Wade (Reynolds) trying to undress and put on his Deadpool outfit, but he manages to fail and the old man in the alley ends up dead. The only thing that would have been funnier is if the old man turned out to be named β€œBen”.

Anyway, the comment sections across the web were more interested in all the Easter Eggs littered throughout the trailer, including the Firefly poster in the back, the mention of Nathan Summers on the phone booth – which they mention is Cable’s real name – and all the posters for Logan, which is a nice bit of inside baseball given that the trailer is airing during the premiere of Logan.

I’m sure the people who enjoyed the original Deadpool are probably already geeked to see the sequel. One thing I am a little curious about, though, is how well the second movie will be taken now that all these other superhero movies are gunning for ‘R’ ratings. It seems like it could diminish the appeal of the ‘R’-rated superhero flick, but we’ll see when Deadpool 2 finally lands in theaters… whenever that may be.

They lost the original director of the movie who went on to join the upcoming Terminator flick, so we’ll see how well the film works with a new director at the helm.

Logan is currently in theaters nationwide.


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