Destiny 2 Playable Beta To Start This Summer

Destiny 2 was noted by the devs to come out near the end of this year during the Fall. And while it looks like Bungie and Activision’s upcoming sequel to the first Destiny is still going to be on consoles, new information has surfaced about Destiny 2 gaining a playable Beta that will determine if there will be a PC version or not.

I’m sure a lot of people do not like rumors or information that seems sketchy in the sense that it is just words or no linked information coming from a “source”. And even if the text-based information is correct there is no way of knowing if the devs will delay the project, then making the text rumor that was correct in reality now false.

In this case we have a very reliable Destiny individual who is a YouTuber that goes by the name of My Name Is Byf. He is known for bringing accurate and well researched Destiny news to the table, and is rarely wrong about said information.

In this case he pulls up an image of Destiny 2′s release date and Beta release, which the former is set for September 8th while the latter is set for this Summer. You can read the information he posted below:

“Destiny 2 News! Destiny 2 has a release date. Posters leaked this date to be September 8th 2017! Destiny 2 will also have a beta this summer! The leaked Destiny 2 poster shows three guardians with SUROS and Omolon weapons below the Traveler!”

Upon seeing that the game is set to receive a playable Beta this Summer it means that the mysteries surrounding if Destiny will land on PC will be revealed sooner than later, because the devs will most likely clarify, like EA and Respawn did with Titanfall 2’s Beta session and other games, what platforms it will be on.

But, I’m sure more information about Destiny 2, its release date and Beta will arrive at this year’s E3, where gameplay footage will more than likely show up for the sequel to the first game.

With all of that said you can watch the video that My Name Is Byf has up, which can be seen below.

I’m not sure if Destiny 2 will correct all of its mistakes made in the past, or if it will follow down the same path just with a few exceptions; but whichever way it goes, folks interested or not will find out what Bungie and Activision have up their sleeve in the coming months due to its E3 2017 reveal and Beta launch.

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