Die Young Showcases 20 Minutes of Survival-Horror Gameplay

Die Young, developed by Indie Gala, is a first person survival horror game. The story follows a spoiled rich girl that had everything she ever wanted. Until everything changes when she wakes up stranded on a remote island with no memory of how she got there.

Die Young was created using the Unreal Engine 4, and the gameplay looks like a mix of Rise Of The Tomb Raider meets Far Cry 3. Die Young Takes place in a large open world, filled with a variety of deadly hazards that will kill you if you make a mistake. The below teaser trailer sums up the story and gives a quick glimpse of some of the gameplay elements that you can expect to see from the game.



Die Young features some pretty interesting looking scenarios, especially that big bloody man that stalks around the island with his giant sickle and throwing knives. A few other hazards you will have to face is wild dogs that will hunt you down and eat you alive, rocky ledges and giant cliffs.

The developers also say that you will need to manage your health as well because if you’re not careful you can dehydrate, so eating food and drinking water plays a large part of your survival.

If she can survive for five years on this hellish island and can learn how to use a bow and arrow, she’ll be the next Oliver Queen! Except for the fact, the developers have stated that you won’t get any weapons, just your survival skills, so that should make things interesting.

The below gameplay video that was uploaded by TheCrazyHunters Die Spielbande, showcases 20 minutes of gameplay, starting from what looks to be the very beginning of the game where the main protagonist wakes up at the bottom of a stone well and must find her way out, and the only item she has with her is a hand drawn map. Her first objective?  Find a way to climb out of the well and look for fresh drinking water. Take a look at the 20 minutes of gameplay linked below.



The ending was pretty unexpected, and I really like how most of the dangers just randomly lurk the island to hunt you down, it’ll really keep you on your toes to stay alert.

The only problems I have with the Die Young gameplay video is first, the jumping animations for the beginning climbing scene was a bit rough, and the second thing was the stagnant environments with the giant sunflowers. The flower scene could have been really scary if they blew in the wind a bit or moved when you or an enemy walked through them, instead, they just sat there like flower props.

I also would have liked if the flowers fell when the big man slashed his sickle through them, seeing the flowers get cleaved one by one would have been really scary if you were using them to hide and would add more terror if you wanted to move but doing so would wiggle the flowers and reveal your position.

However, this is to be expected from an early alpha build because the game isn’t finished yet, so I’m hoping the developers will take note and add a bit more attention to detail with the environments before release.

Die Young is scheduled to launch this coming Winter of 2017, so keep an eye out for additional news and updates. For more information, you can visit the official Indie gala website for further details.


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