Don’t Escape: 4 Days In A Wasteland Trailer Showcases Retro Point-And-Click Survival

Don’t Escape: 4 Days In A Wasteland is an adventure point-and-click game developed by Armor Games. You play as a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world where there are a variety of dangers that can take your life.

The cool part about Don’t Escape: 4 Days In A Wasteland is that it has multiple storylines and endings that adjust and change based on your actions. Each chapter has a set amount of events that you can experience, but each event is also connected to a timer. If you spend too much time on one event, you won’t be able to complete the other task, forcing you to prioritize your choices and budget your time wisely.

The trailer for Don’t Escape: 4 Days In A Wasteland shows quite a bit of different scenarios and events, and also gives a few examples of how you will survive in the wasteland. Giant spiders roam the desert and they will try to eat you, but you aren’t completely defenseless because you will have guns and other weapons that you will be able to use to help you survive. Other human survivors also lurk in the desert, some are friendly and will help you survive, and others are dangerous and will threaten you at gunpoint, and it will be up to you to decide how you deal with the situation to get out of it alive. And of course, there will also be puzzles for you to solve to test your problem solving skills.

The developers say that if you want to see and experience everything the game has to offer, you will be required to play through it more than once. Take a look at the below trailer for Don’t Escape: 4 Days In A Wasteland that showcases the gameplay.

Don’t Escape: 4 Days In A Wasteland is scheduled for a 2017 release date, so if you are interested in playing the game you can head on over to their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote. Furthermore, if you would like to play the old Flash games that started the series, you can head on over to their official website for additional details.

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