Dragon Quest XI New Screenshots Showcase Towns And Dungeons

The latest images or screenshots for Dragon Quest XI comes in by Square Enix’s main website. The new screenshots show off towns, dungeons, shops and other locations that will be in the game. Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is set to come out for PS4 and the 3DS sometime in 2017.

Over on Square Enix main website it is visible that there are new screenshots of both the PS4 and 3DS versions of Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time. The screenshots reveal quite a bit of stuff that includes shops, towns, dungeons and much more.

The new screenshots also bring a plethora of information to the table that introduces the world of DQXI to fans. You can check out all of the new screenshots below.

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According to the main site that holds new information on DQXI, towns are placed where information can be gathered for quests and facilities can be used to acquire goods. Many people live in towns, and there are shops where bartering takes place. Upon talking to people you will receive helpful tips and and even quests.

Upon traveling the world you will cross “fields” that stretch the game’s world. These fields hold meadows and snow lands, and feature a great deal of monsters. It is advised that you check every nook and corner in the game to find special things.

In addition to fields, you can sometimes find the remnants of bonfires. These bonfires are where the protagonist and friends can set up camp, allowing health and other stats to recover from a long hard journey. Traveling merchants will also show up to barter, making camps very useful.

Horses will be in the game as a means to travel around places faster. Looking over to the PS4 version we learn that you can blast enemies and monster away by ramming them while on a horse.

As for dungeons… they consist of mysterious temples and caves, and are filled with brutal traps. Although traps and mechanisms of pain stand in your path, wisdom and courage is said to triumph said obstacles. In other words think before you act.

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is set to come out for PS4 and 3DS sometime in 2017, while there is talk of a Nintendo Switch version in the works. If you want to see all of the screenshots or see more of DQXI, you can hit up dq11.jp.

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