Dying: Reborn Gameplay Walkthrough
Dying Reborn Walkthrough
(Last Updated On: March 7, 2017)

Dying Reborn recently launched for the PlayStation 4. The game is currently available for the standard PS4 and the PlayStation VR. For gamers curious about how to get through the puzzles and some of the rooms, there’s a walkthrough available for Oasis Games’ new first-person horror title.

The game starts with players locked in a room, waking up after being captured. He’s supposed to be looking for his sister Shirley in Harbour Town. YouTuber The Hidden Object Guru offers a complete gameplay walkthrough of Dying Reborn in a series of videos via a playlist featuring the VR and non-VR version of the game. You can check it out below.

The first thing you do is you need to grab the umbrella off the wall after you wake up. Open the curtain and then examine the alarm clock. Go over to the table with the bottle on it and rotate it around until it’s facing upside down. Proceed to shake the bottle so a coin drops out onto the floor. Use the umbrella from your inventory to grab the coin, which falls into the corner on the side of the desk.

Head over to the piano and play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, starting with the first key.

Take the bolt cutters and head over to the bars and use the cutters to open the gate. Place the coin into the emergency box to open it up.

If you try to get out of the door you’ll find that it’s locked. The screen will shake; the painting will fall.

Go over to the painting and take the screwdriver head lodged into the painting. Head over to the desk and use the head to open the middle drawer and take the screwdriver handle.

Combine the screwdriver pieces together and use the screwdriver to open the clock and take the key to open the door.

Turn on the light switch and the lamp on the desk will turn on. A piece of paper is under the lamp shade. Take it.

There’s another piece of paper on the wall. Take it.

The two pieces of paper have “Minute” and “Hours” on them. You’ll need to place the pieces of paper in the right order on the emergency escape box. The paper should look like the following image if you did it correctly.

You’ll then need to put in the alphabet code to escape from the SAW room. You’ll need to input the code: D. E. R

Proceed to look at the TV to see the quick cinematic sequence.

Following some cinematics, players will end up in the second room.

Open the fire extinguisher cabinet and use the extinguisher to break open the lock on the jail door.

Inside the box on the ground there’s a box with a dirty rag inside.

A crowbar is also on one of the food trays along with a disc with an ‘I’ on the front and a pentagram on the back. In another emergency cabinet there’s a second disc.

Turn the water on and use the rag on the water. Go back around the corner and clean the wall to reveal the code: 0704

Use the crowbar on the painting behind you to reveal a safe and input the code you just revealed from the wall.

A small trophy can be picked up from inside the safe. Use the rag to clean the trophy. There’s also a keycard inside the safe with the trophy.

Use the keycard to open the door.

Go over to room 103 and investigate the door. The boxes behind you will fall over.

Open the electrical box and set the switches until it turns red.

Pick up the radio from the box and place it on the table. Take the one-way cable and connect it from the wire to the wall to the radio on the table. Turn on the power by setting the knobs to the positions as indicated in the image below.

Set the radio station to F104. A series of numbers will be rattled off, including: 520345

Go over to the locked suit case and in the first series of locks set it to 520. Set the second set of numbers to 345.

Take the keycard from the suitcase and open the other door.

You’ll find the umbrella on the door and use it to pull the clipboard with the key on it to pull it close to you. Use the key on the door.

You’ll need to unlock the box using the code: 0312

Take the triangle piece from the locker. Also head over to the cabinet on your left and a piece of paper will have an additional code you can use to unlock the bottom locker with a small switch inside. The code to open it can be viewed below.

Use the lever on the switch by the door and flip it up. Some papers will blow around and take the paper on the desk.

Put in the code 3402 into the keypad to access the other locker. Setup the keypad so it looks like the following image.

You’ll gain access to the last disc and you need to spell out Lily using the discs in the previous room.

After putting in the pucks you’ll unlock the code: 8564

This will lead you to part 3.

Go upstairs to the second floor of the bar and there’s an emergency cabinet with a screwdriver handle inside. Go downstairs to the first floor and turn the chair around to get the screwdriver head lodged into the chair. Combine the screwdriver pieces together.

Head over to table with a clock on the table. Use the screwdriver to dismantle the clock and take the green liquid from inside.

On another table there’s a red liquid canister you can pick up as well.

Combine the red and green liquids together.

Use the cleaning fluid on the Last Harbour Rules board and you’ll need to touch the clocks on the wall. First take the knife from the dart board at the back of the room.

Go upstairs and use the knife to cut open the box to retrieve the red battery. Place the red battery into the side of the panel of the truck on the kitchen counter.

Head upstairs and there’s a piece of paper on the top of the fan.

The locked suitcase on the bench will require the code: 525 and 230

You’ll find a key inside the case. Use the key on the bathroom door. Turn the switch to turn the fan on.

Take the piece of paper and study the rules.

Head to the safe and put in the code: 64328

Take the green battery from the safe and place it into the little truck and take the remote to turn on the TV.

This will open the next section, The Corrupted Land.

In the next room, head over to the pipe with the number dials. Put in the code: 23995

This will drain the water in the storm drain.

Go into the cabinet and take the switch blade. Put the blade into the switch and flip the switch. The room will be illuminated with UV lights.

A puzzle will appear on the ceiling.

Apply the codes to the safe on the counter to get the cleaver. Also grab the item under the cabinet as well.

You’ll need to use the calorie chart to figure out the refrigerator code puzzle. The code is: 711

Use the knife and the cleaver on the head on the counter. A statue will be made available.

Place the statue of the dad on the stove and have the dad face the mother, have the mother face the son and the son facing away from the mother.

The dad will burn up and will grant you with a valve. Take the valve and place it on the faucet at the sink.

There’s a shovel under the storm drain. Use the shovel to scrap away the stuff on the refrigerator to reveal the television. This will open up the next section. Take the heart, light up the birthday candles. You’ll need to start eating the heart on the table.

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