DYO Features Crazy And Innovative Use For Split-screen Co-op Puzzles

I quite honestly can’t think of another game that has used split-screen gaming like this before. DYO is a platform puzzle game where two players must work together as a team to complete each stage.

But here is where the really cool part comes in with the way the puzzles work: you have to use the split-screen itself to manipulate the levels and the game’s perspective to reach the next area. You might be familiar with the concept where if two players are together the screen locks into a single screen for both players to use to give them more room to see what’s going on, and when the players divide the screen splits apart. Well in DYO, the change of perspective can be manipulated to navigate the stage in different ways, so when the screen splits apart, the stage itself, in a way, also splits apart, rearranges, or snaps together, giving you crazy new ways to get around and reach new areas. Last but not least, if you mess up and make a mistake, you’ll be able to rewind and go back in time to correct any of your mishaps.

Describing it is one thing, but seeing is believing, so it will probably make a lot more sense if you just watch the gameplay video for DYO to see it in action for yourself.

At first, the game starts up and it looks like any other platform game, then as the trailer goes on and you see all of the crazy and innovative ways you can manipulate the camera and the screen, you start to see just how much potential this game has. To make it even cooler, the developer says that there are no monsters, there is no timer, and there really is no way to fail the stage. It’s just you, your partner, and your problem-solving skills to clear the level. The developers say that they currently have 30 playable levels for you to play through, but more will be on the way.

To add to the awesomeness, DYO also comes with a level editor so that you can create and share your own complex stages. Furthermore, you don’t have to play with a friend, DYO was designed for both One and Two players, so if you don’t have a buddy, no problem, it seems you will be able to play alone.

Well played developers, well played. You have me sold because this looks like a really awesome and unique concept.

DYO is currently on Steam Greenlight, so if you would like to vote them through you can follow the provided link. Furthermore, you can head on over to the developer’s Itch.IO page and download a free demo to test the game out for yourself.

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