EA Just Gave Away Awesome Free Gifts To EA Access Subscribers
(Last Updated On: March 31, 2017)

What is this madness?! Looks like EA is in the mood for giving out free gifts this month, and it’s not even the Holiday season!

A few lucky subscribers received a special gift in their mail today which included some extra juicy content. A select few of EA Access members that have been subscribed since day one have reported that they received a gift box in the mail today, which included a Thank You note, 4 months worth of EA Access for free, as well as a free 2TB Seagate hard drive, as reported by FragHero. Holy cow that is a nice free gift!

It isn’t clear if everyone received the exact same gift or if the gifts were random/customized for each user, but I speculate that all the gift boxes contained the same items.

I know I for one would be ecstatic for getting a random 2TB hard drive in the mail right out of the blue for no good reason.

So why did EA do this? Why give out random free gifts? Apparently, it was just a gesture of goodwill to show their day-one subscribing members that they appreciate them and wanted to reward them for sticking around for so long; nothing more and nothing less. There was no contest, no special entry form, you just had to be a subscriber since the beginning.

However, not everyone got this gift; even if you were a day one subscriber, you may not have received a gift box in the mail. Long-term veteran members that have been around since the beginning were a bit disappointed that they didn’t receive anything in the mail, even though they have been around from day one, but for the most part, the general consensus was that it was okay and most people were happy that EA was feeling generous enough to give out random gifts.

I’m not sure how the special subscribers were chosen, but it might have just been a lucky draw for everyone that signed up the very first day EA Access went live, and from there they narrowed it down to a winning pool of subscribers.

Furthermore, it appears these gifts were only for subscribers in the USA region, but if you happened to get a gift box and you live in another country, feel free to show off your loot in the comment section below. Maybe if you’re really lucky, they might just send out more gifts next year. Fingers crossed!

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  • What is the catch?

  • JeremyC9

    Seagate? It’s like a back-handed compliment.

    • daniel_ream

      I was going to say, that’s a negative value gift. I had four in my storage array and every single one of them went bad within three years. The WD ones I replaced them with have been humming along with no issues.

      • JeremyC9

        I have 3 bad ones sitting on a shelf. 2 of them were given to me to see if I can retrieve the files off of them, and 1 that came out of an external HDD I purchased myself. I don’t have many companies that I refuse to purchase products from, but they are definitely one of them.

    • Nick

      B-but… free stuff! If you happen to get one free, don’t open it and resell it on eBay or Amazon Brand new and turn it into cash. If you share your link on social media you can get a turnaround rather quickly and sell your product within about a week or so.

      On Amazon, it looks like the Xbox Green 2TB HDD is currently going for $97.40, you could probably get away with selling it for an even $100. After all the fees and junk, you might be able to walk away with $90 in your pocket. Still a decent gift. 😀