Famitsu Reveals New Playable Mecha In Gundam Versus
(Last Updated On: March 21, 2017)

Gundam and mecha fans alike have something to look forward to when looking over at Bandai Namco’s Gundam Versus fighting game. According to a new post over on Famitsu we learn that there will be new playable Gundam entries coming down the pipeline.

As of now Gundam Versus has no release date, but it is slated to come out for PS4. But this should come in as no surprise given that it just finished its Closed Beta session, which ticket applications to test it went live back on February 28th via the Japanese PlayStation Store.

The Closed Beta was broken down into three parts that started on March 10th, picked up again on march 18th and then ended on March 19th. This Closed Beta session gave gamers the opportunity to play the game early and give feedback to the developers to fix things regarding gameplay mechanics.

Looking at the most recent information regarding Gundam Versus, Famitsu posted up on its main site that G-Self, Gundam F91, Freedom Gundam, Gundam GP02 and Gouf Custom will be upcoming character that gamers will be able to play and assume.

You can check out the newly posted image sitting on the publication site below.

Something worth noting: a live stream event will go down on March 22nd. This live stream will feature Daisuke Sakaguchi, Hiroyuik Yoshino, Kengo Kawanishi, Takuya Eguchi and Yuichi Nakamura. The named participants on the live stream will go over the Closed Beta changes, they will also read off the survey for the Closed Beta and answer questions asked by fans, which will be addressed on air.

In addition to the above, a two-on-two battle will be showcased on the live stream, so it’s best to tune in if you want to see some mecha action.

Gundam Versus currently has no release date, but it will sport an Asian English release that will be for PS4.

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