Farming Simulator 17 Big Bud DLC Set To Release On May 9th

The second downloadable content for Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software’s Farming Simulator 17 comes in as Big Bud. Gamers will gain access to the second DLC on May 9th.  If you don’t already have the game, it’s currently available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The Farming Simulator series (along with other sims) are very popular and that’s no exception with Farming Simulator 17. Although people enjoy these games for modding purposes, there are some out there that find the base game to be fun, and to recognize that the devs are seeding out Farming Simulator 17’s second DLC, Big Bud.

Although I don’t see the purpose in this DLC other than the devs making an extra buck — especially due to the modding scene for this game and how the stuff added in the DLC is likely on some modding site already— those who do find a purpose in the DLC will be able to gain access to two vehicles and 12 attachments.

The Big Bud 747 is said to be one of the biggest tractors in the world and will have its little counterpart, the Big Bud 450, tag along in the DLC. But what is a big tractor without tools? To fit the part, both behemoths will sport attachments and tools capable of patching up anything that needs to be done on your farm.

In addition to the above, the Grégoire-Besson SPSL 9 plow, the Bednar Swifter SM18000 cultivator, the Hatzenbichler Terminator TH18 and Seed Hawk 980 XL Air Drill 84FT toolbars will make an appearance in the Big Bud DLC — along with many others.

The upcoming DLC will run for $14.99 and will be for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Those who are on console will find that the PS4 version will be available to download on the PSN store and the Xbox Games Store for said price at launch. Upon owning the Season Pass will grant the DLC for free.

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