Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus Gameplay Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV - Episode Gladio
(Last Updated On: March 28, 2017)

Square Enix has rolled out the latest bit of DLC for Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One and PS4. It’s not very long, clocking in at just an hour and a half. Even still, it opens up more of the characterization and backstory for Gladiolus in the game, as well as gives gamers a look at when Noctis’ bodyguard took flight on his own accord. There’s a gameplay walkthrough available for the Episode Gladiolus DLC, and you can check it out right here.

YouTuber Shirrako has the entire Episode Gladiolus available for viewing, which you can check out below.

The DLC starts after the boy band’s first encounter with Ravus. The defeat sends Gladiolus off to The Tempering Grounds, a place where he attempts to grow stronger before they head to Altissia.

The DLC is actually a flashback sequence, featuring Gladiolus meeting with Cor.

Cor informs Gladiolus that in order for him to get stronger he’ll have to face off against Gilgamesh in a one-on-one fight.

The pathway is entirely linear once you get to the Tempering Grounds. Simply follow the nav points and fight the soldiers and monsters that pop up along the way.

Final Fantasy XV - Gilgamesh

Gladio will end up having to face off against Gilgamesh for the first time. Fight him up until the cinematic plays and then Gladio and Cor will rest up before continuing the trial.

Proceed through the mobs and keep fighting as you move through the winding pathway of the Tempering Grounds.

Through the next phase of the trial Gladio will need to fight a level 30 Nergal and its minions.

Once defeated, Gladio will now be able to absorb the power of the souls and can block just about any attack from even the mightiest of foes.

Head up through the pathway until you get to Enkidu, where you can beat the mess out of the giant bird. Don’t forget to use the nearby columns to deal massive damage to the boss. You can also hop onto its back and do additional damage.

Keep your distance when it takes to the air because its aerial attacks will zap Gladio’s life pretty easily.

Once the bird is defeated you’ll then have to face off against Bandersnatch. He’s definitely a lot easier to fight than Enkidu. Simply fight him using the same tactics that you would normally use for the Behemoth.

Final Fantasy XV - Cor Camp Site

There’s not much exploration to be done. Once the enemies are defeated simply head up toward the next campground to save the game.

The next segments take place in fairly tight corridors, almost equivalent to Dark Souls. You’ll need to defeat the souls and then fight Inannaduru, who is stuck in the wall. He’s pretty easy to take down if you use the nearby columns as weapons.

The next mini-boss fight is against Humbaba, who wields a giant flaming sword. If you can stay at Humbaba’s back you can deal damage and avoid taking a lot of direct damage. Once he’s defeated, head to the altar and grab the soul.

The next time you fight Gilgamesh you’ll be able to block Gilgamesh’s attacks.

Watch for his moves and be sure to block and counter for the first segment of the fight.

After you whittle down his life and the second part of the fight commences, he’ll have a spirit arm to increase the power of his attacks.

The best way to take down his life is to wait for him to down the charge attacks and then use the blindside to gain extra damage on him.

Upon defeating Gilgamesh, Gladio will receive a glaive for his trouble… Cor’s glaive.

After the boss fight the credits will roll.

Final Fantasy XV - Gladio and the Glaive

There’s also a final trial mode in the main menu, where you can use Gladio and fight against Cor to truly test your skill and mettle.

Beyond that there’s a time attack mode as well.

The next piece of Final Fantasy XV story content will be made available in June, later this year.

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